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NPS Koyama Battery Warranty

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Warranty of a battery is defined as mechanical defects and/or its failure to reach at least 80% of its rated capacity. If a properly maintained battery fails to meet 80% of its rated capacity within the 2 year warranty period, Dualcom Technology Ltd will issue a full replacement battery.
This is a Back to Base Warranty which means the customer is responsible for the freight costs to our office in Auckland, and from our office in Auckland.
Dualcom Technology Ltd shall not have any liability to a distributor, buyer, end user or to any other person either directly or indirectly by way indemnification, for consequential, incidental, special or direct damages to person, installation, location or storage whether the claim for any such damages, person or property, is based on warranty, tort, contract, negligence or otherwise.
IT IS REQUIRED that the battery has an appropriate battery monitor that not only looks at voltage but at capacity also. E.g. Shunt based monitor system. The system must include an automatic disconnect if the battery reaches a point of being over-charged, and discharged to or below 50% of the rated capacity.

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